Much of this website assesses and evaluates the sustainability of Schaumburg and its neighboring communities in the here and now. But such analysis necessitates knowledge of the past, and a vision of a possible future. The changes that have occurred over the last 150+ years to the landscape that is now Schaumburg, Illinois, are nothing short of astonishing. But once we understand where we’ve come from to get here — to the first part of the 21st century — we must next look ahead to the future prospects of the Village and its neighbors here in the Chicago region.

How can we make the 21st century American suburb more sustainable — not just in terms of its physical environment, but also in terms of its economic productivity and social equity? While time will tell, it’s also true that the time is now to critically examine what needs to be done differently and better to create a more sustainable future for residents of Schaumburg and its neighbors.

Banner photo credit: Spring Valley Nature Center in Schaumburg IL, summer 2010 (M. Bryson)