CNU Rainwater-in-Context Initiative
The Congress for the New Urbanism’s Rainwater-in-Context initiative works to illustrate how the implementation of high-performance rainwater solutions and dense, walkable urbanism can benefit each other when skillfully coordinated.

Consumer Confidence Report Rule (EPA)
Link to the EPA website providing fundamental requirements that must be included in customer annual drinking water quality reports (CCR).

DuPage River Salt Creek Workgroup
A local group of communities, POTWs, and environmental organizations that came together to better determine the stressors to the aquatic systems through a long term water quality monitoring program and develop and implement viable remediation projects.

EPA Healthy Watersheds Initiative (pdf)
The Healthy Watersheds Initiative National Framework and Action Plan 2011 is a collaborative product of EPA headquarters and the regions and our State and federal partners with input from non-governmental organizations.

Provides information on the cost of flood damage, recent flood maps and information on how to get flood insurance which is not covered in standard homeowner’s policies but mandated for high-risk flood areas. Sponsored by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and FEMA, both government agencies collaborate with local governments and private insurance companies to provide a means to insure low to high flood risk homes and businesses.

Illinois Water Resource Center
The Illinois Water Resources Center promotes research, training, information dissemination, and other activities to meet Illinois’ water resource needs. The site has information ranging from technical reports for scientists to interactive learning tools for kids.

Impact of Lake Michigan Allocations on the Cambrian-Ordovician Aquifer System (pdf)
A peer-reviewed article documenting the history of groundwater use and the impacts over time on water levels. Chances are this research led to a lot municipalities switching from well water to Lake Michigan water.

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of the Greater Chicago Area
This is a great source to find what is going on with water in Cook County, which receives it’s water from Lake Michigan. The website covers everything from residential wastewater to industrial wastewater and offers the results from multiple tests, talks about what is being done for Cook County wastewater now, and provides information about what they want they want to do in the future.

Salt Creek Watershed Network
Grassroots organization that seeks to bridge other volunteer groups within the Salt Creek Watershed as part of a regional effort to facilitate a regional approach in identifying ways to preserve water quality, natural habitats, and recreational use of the Salt Creek waterway.

Schaumburg’s Biodiversity Recovery Plan (pdf)
This 2004 report details the natural resources of Schaumburg. It’s comprehensive yet easy to use, and includes sections on ecological assessments, greenway opportunities, funding mechanisms, as well as conservation and restoration planning. Extensive information on water and wetland resources.

SUST 220 Water: Links and Resources
Collection of links to various kinds of water resources and issues — supply, wastewater, wetlands, pollution, etc. — in the Chicago region and beyond. Collected by Prof. Mike Bryson at Roosevelt University, and updated regularly.