Suburban Sustainability

Ann Forsyth
Professor of Urban Planning at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, Dr. Forsyth’s website provides information on the sustainable development/planning of suburbs and “New Towns.”

Center for Sustainable Suburban Development
Founded in 2003, this research center at the University of California Riverside focuses on the Los Angelos suburbs of Riverside and surrounding communities. It sponsors public programs and research on “solutions for social, environmental, political, educational and economic issues related to sustainable living.”

The Good Suburb
A still-relevant essay published in 1999 by Simmons Buntin, editor of, an online journal devoted to writing and public scholarship about urban and suburban landscapes.

National Center for Suburban Studies at Hofstra University
“Non-partisan research institution dedicated to promoting the study of suburbia’s problems, as well as its promise. Rooted in the laboratory of Long Island’s diverse and aging suburbs and in the shadows of the iconic Levittown, the National Center researches a broad range of issues at local, national, and international scales.”

Suburban Sustainability Journal
A publication that “seeks to be the premier dissemination vehicle for scholarship on sustainability issues in suburban and metropolitan settings. The suburbs have emerged as the nexus of dynamic demographic, social, economic, and environmental change. Suburban Sustainability will publish scholarly endeavors to identify, analyze, and solve the problems of suburbia which are essential for the health of the world. The journal, published by the National Center for Suburban Studies at Hofstra University, is supported by the University of South Florida Libraries.”

Sustainable Jersey
“Sustainable Jersey is a certification program for municipalities in New Jersey that want to go green, save money and take steps to sustain their quality of life over the long term. Launched in 2009, we are a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that provides tools, training and financial incentives to support and reward communities as they pursue sustainability programs.”