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Sustainability Studies Blog
News, events, and information about the SUST program at Roosevelt as well as about urban/suburban sustainability issues throughout the Chicago region. Includes information about lectures, conferences, volunteer opportunities, networking, environmental news and politics, published research by students and faculty, and more.

Sustainability Studies Program
Information about courses, degree options, and faculty for the Chicago region’s first undergraduate degree program in Sustainability Studies, established Spring 2010.

Sustaining Sustainability
An essay written by SUST co-founder Mike Bryson, Associate Professor of Humanities and Sustainability Studies in the College of Professional Studies at RU. Published in the Fall 2010 issues of RU’s alumni magazine, Roosevelt Review. Explores the relation between sustainability and higher education, and articulates a vision for Roosevelt’s future as a green campus. (Click on the menu at lower left for link to article.)

Roosevelt University’s Green Campus
Clearinghouse website for new and information on campus sustainability efforts at Roosevelt, as well as links to student environmental organizations.

Prescribed Burn of Wetland Detention Pond on 13 April 2011
A slideshow by Sustainability Studies major Kenton Franklin of a historic moment in Roosevelt’s nascent effort to re-envision and redesign the landscape of its suburban campus in Schaumburg. This was the first such use of controlled burning as an ecological management tool at Roosevelt; but certainly not the last. Burning is an important management tool in ecological restoration of woodlands, prairies, and forests in order to remove invasive plant species and encourage the growth of native plant communities.