The Aldo Leopold Foundation and Leopold’s Land Ethic
Information about the life and work of Aldo Leopold, including a link to an online version of his important “The Land Ethic” essay from A Sand County Almanac.

168 Elm Ave
“This web page features the 168 Elm Ave. Pilot Project, which demonstrates sustainable rain water, stormwater, and runoff treatments at a residential scale. It offers resources that help fill the information gap by offering accessible, in-the-ground examples that demonstrate the feasibility of and confidence in sustainable landscape solutions.”

Backyard Nature
A guide for restoring nature in your yard and in your community.

Chicago Wilderness Biodiversity Recovery Plan
“The Chicago Wilderness Biodiversity Recovery Plan, published in 1999, is an ambitious blueprint for saving and restoring the rare natural communities of the Chicago region — our prairies, savannas, woodlands, and wetlands. Developed over more than three years by hundreds of people — scientists, land managers, conservation advocates, planners, and caring citizens — the Recovery Plan outlines the steps necessary to achieve the mission of Chicago Wilderness.”

Earth Policy Institute
A companion website to Lester Brown’s book Plan B 4.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization. Brown is a noted global environmental expert, and provides practical solutions to climate change challenges. The author addresses energy efficiency, renewable energy, redesigning livable cities, feeding the world and earth restoration.

Green Infrastructure Case Studies: Municipal Policies for Managing Stormwater with Green Infrastructure
This document, published by the EPA, provides ideas and in depth case studies on how to retrofit buildings, parking lots and turf to become more pervious, which supports restoration of natural water resources, biodiversity and the new sustainable American Dream.

The State of Our Chicago Wilderness: A Report Card on the Health of the Region’s Ecosystems
“In 2006, Chicago Wilderness experts convened to determine how we are doing as individuals and as a region in assuring the health of our unique natural areas.”

Stew-Map — The Stewardship Mapping and Assessment Project
A collaboration of the US Forest Service and the Center for Neighborhood Technology in Chicago, Stew-Map enables conservation groups to map the geographic coverage of their stewardship/restoration efforts and thus to connect to other organizations in the region doing similar work.