Green Design

By Eviata Ivy, Nicole Winter, Marilyn Novy, and Mark Hopkins
(May 2013)

As a society that is working to create a more sustainable future, “Green Design” is becoming a pivotal focus in the world of sustainable technology.  The “green” in Green Design refers not only to the use of environmentally friendly materials, but has evolved to include efficiency from the perspective of both manufacturing and the application of manufactured materials. images (7)

Green Design has great influence and is key for the future success in nearly every sector of sustainable development, including water, energy, food production, and waste. Since Green Design encompasses a number of categories, this section of the SSF website focuses on green buildings, communities, and geothermal heating and cooling. It  also addresses related topics such as solid waste management, recycling, sustainable purchasing, and utilizing green cleaning policies.

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Banner image: Architecture & Interior Design (Josh Daniel)