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Kicking the “Paper or Plastic?” Habit through Reusable Bag Legislation in Chicago and Its Suburbs

by Danielle LaBella for SUST 240 Making everyday habits more sustainable is becoming a national trend, and larger cities are setting the standard. The dispute involving paper-versus-plastic-versus-reusable bags has been going on for years among the public as well as in … Continue reading

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Composting Bio-Bins: Flood Brothers Disposal & Recycling Plant

by Nida Mufti for SUST 240 There is no denying that food waste is a major environmental problem. An alarming amount of food waste is dumped into municipal landfills, causing the detrimental greenhouse gas methane to be released into our atmosphere. … Continue reading

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Waste and the Single (K) Cup

by Sarah Tag for SUST 240 If you are a coffee drinker, you almost certainly know what Keurig machines are: single-serve coffee brewing systems produced for home and commercial use. They function using small, air-tight plastic containers, called K-cups, that are … Continue reading

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Recycling as a Carrot (Not a Stick)

by MaryBeth Radeck for SUST 240 Over the last five years around the country, cities have been penalizing households for ignoring their civic duty to recycle through fines for not recycling. $100 fines to households in Cleveland and whopping $500 fines … Continue reading

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Setting a Sustainable Example: Local Businesses Strive to Reduce Food Waste

by Michelle Trispel for SUST 240 In an average American trash can, one is likely to find a combination of two things: food and packaging. When mixed together, these otherwise useful materials become trash. “Together, food and packaging/containers account for almost … Continue reading

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Oak Park and River Forest Sustainability Plan: PlanItGreen

by Akilah Mitchell for SUST 240 Oak Park and River Forest are two of many western suburbs in the Chicago area on the rise toward becoming a sustainable community. They’ve currently have set in stone a 10-year plan to make their … Continue reading

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Hope for Illinois’ Jeopardized Electronics Recycling Programs

by Tiffany Mucci for SUST 240 Last week brought a glimmer of hope for Illinois’ electronic waste recycling program. Lauren Leone-Cross reported in the Joliet Herald-News on Tuesday, February 10th, of the filing of House Bill 1455, which has local governments … Continue reading

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