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Smog, Pollution, and Improving the Chicago Region’s Air Quality

by Melanie Blume for SUST 240 Ever wondered where that smog we see hanging over the city in the morning actually comes from? And what happens when we breathe it in? The collective cloud is referred to as particle pollution. It’s … Continue reading

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The Elephant in the Room: Greener Airports and Llamas

by Jordan Diedrick for SUST 240 The annual “Airports Going Green” conference was held in Chicago in early November where awards were presented to numerous airports and airlines for promoting conservation and sustainability.  This conference has been held for the last seven … Continue reading

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Energy-Efficiency Is Lighting The Way in Schaumburg (and Beyond)

by Susan Sandoval for SUST 210 All across our country, cities are switching to LED lighting and it isn’t any different in the suburbs of Illinois. According to Russell Lissau’s article posted on the Daily Herald’s website on Nov. 13th, Mundelein … Continue reading

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The Value and Impact of the Metra Rail System in the Chicago Region

by Crayton Caudill for SUST 210 Every weekday, tens of thousands of suburban men and women hop on a train bound for Chicago. The Metra system transports over 300,000 passengers to Chicago per day in a cost efficient and environmentally friendly … Continue reading

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Paper or Plastic: A Forgotten Question

by Melvin Hassan for SUST 240 Chicago has been working vigorously on a quest to become one of the nation’s “greenest” cities, so an impending ban on plastic bags should probably come as no surprise. With this ambition at hand, this … Continue reading

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Sharing is Caring: An Ode to Sustaining Our Freshwater Resources

by Lacy Reyna for SUST 240 Freshwater is a key component to life on Earth. Why is it, then, that many individuals continue to use (and waste) this precious resource without any care or thought behind such mindless consumption? Perhaps it … Continue reading

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Cleaning Up Industrial Waste in Calumet Heights IL

by Danielle Cooperstock for SUST 240 The United States Department of Justice announced on September 3, 2014 on their Office of Public Affairs that a $26 settlement was agreed upon by the federal Department of Justice and Environmental Protection Agency … Continue reading

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