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RU Wins State of IL Grant to Conserve Energy and Save Money

Roosevelt University was awarded a grant in April 2015 that was applied toward upgrading the energy efficiency  lighting systems for its National Historic Landmark Auditorium Building at the Chicago Campus as well as for the entire Schaumburg Campus facility. The grant was … Continue reading

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Illinois’ New Clean Energy Bill

by Jim Lockafeer for SUST 240 Clean energy is very important when it comes to lessening our impact on the planet. It can generally be defined as an extremely wide variety of technologies and techniques that help to conserve and create … Continue reading

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Going Green with the Green Chicago Restaurant Coalition

by Robert Green for SUST 240 The Green Chicago Restaurant Coalition (GCRC) is an organization that aims to reduce the environmental footprint of the foodservice industry in Chicago. GCRC provides educational assistance and support to restaurants and other foodservice operations throughout … Continue reading

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Waste and the Single (K) Cup

by Sarah Tag for SUST 240 If you are a coffee drinker, you almost certainly know what Keurig machines are: single-serve coffee brewing systems produced for home and commercial use. They function using small, air-tight plastic containers, called K-cups, that are … Continue reading

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Recycling as a Carrot (Not a Stick)

by MaryBeth Radeck for SUST 240 Over the last five years around the country, cities have been penalizing households for ignoring their civic duty to recycle through fines for not recycling. $100 fines to households in Cleveland and whopping $500 fines … Continue reading

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Hope for Illinois’ Jeopardized Electronics Recycling Programs

by Tiffany Mucci for SUST 240 Last week brought a glimmer of hope for Illinois’ electronic waste recycling program. Lauren Leone-Cross reported in the Joliet Herald-News on Tuesday, February 10th, of the filing of House Bill 1455, which has local governments … Continue reading

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Paper or Plastic: A Forgotten Question

by Melvin Hassan for SUST 240 Chicago has been working vigorously on a quest to become one of the nation’s “greenest” cities, so an impending ban on plastic bags should probably come as no surprise. With this ambition at hand, this … Continue reading

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