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Burn, Baby, Burn! Prescribed Fire at RU’s Schaumburg Campus Encourages Native Plant Communities to Flourish

Yesterday, instead of worrying over their taxes, an enthusiastic burn crew did a prescribed burn of the detention pond at RU’s Schaumburg Campus. This was the 3rd time this artificial wetland has been burned since 2011 in an effort to … Continue reading

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Going Green with the Green Chicago Restaurant Coalition

by Robert Green for SUST 240 The Green Chicago Restaurant Coalition (GCRC) is an organization that aims to reduce the environmental footprint of the foodservice industry in Chicago. GCRC provides educational assistance and support to restaurants and other foodservice operations throughout … Continue reading

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Composting Bio-Bins: Flood Brothers Disposal & Recycling Plant

by Nida Mufti for SUST 240 There is no denying that food waste is a major environmental problem. An alarming amount of food waste is dumped into municipal landfills, causing the detrimental greenhouse gas methane to be released into our atmosphere. … Continue reading

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Consider the Burger

by Adriana Fernandez for SUST 240 How many of us have said the words, “Can I have a cheeseburger everything on it and an order of fries?” And then thought to yourself, “These fast food companies are getting rich at my … Continue reading

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Waste and the Single (K) Cup

by Sarah Tag for SUST 240 If you are a coffee drinker, you almost certainly know what Keurig machines are: single-serve coffee brewing systems produced for home and commercial use. They function using small, air-tight plastic containers, called K-cups, that are … Continue reading

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Recycling as a Carrot (Not a Stick)

by MaryBeth Radeck for SUST 240 Over the last five years around the country, cities have been penalizing households for ignoring their civic duty to recycle through fines for not recycling. $100 fines to households in Cleveland and whopping $500 fines … Continue reading

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Plots Still Available for the RU Community Garden at the Schaumburg Campus!

Roosevelt University’s Physical Resources Department is coordinating the Schaumburg campus’ RUrbanPioneer Community Garden for the 2015 growing season. This is the garden’s fourth year and its leadership team, led by senior SUST major and Environmental Sustainability Associate Mary Rasic, is excited to get … Continue reading

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