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Founder and editor of the Schaumburg's Sustainability Future social media project (est. Earth Day, 2011)

Volunteers Sought for Urban Monarch Project this Summer in Schaumburg

The Village of Schaumburg recently partnered with the Barrington Area Conservation Trust to assist the Field Museum with their Urban Monarch Project. We are looking for volunteer Urban Monarch Technicians to monitor monarch butterfly habitat at selected sites in Schaumburg. … Continue reading

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Glimpsing America’s Suburban Future

MIT Press has published an interesting new book on suburban planning and design entitled A Sequel to Suburbia: Glimpses of America’s Post-Suburban Future. Penned by  Nicholas A. Phelps, a professor of urban and regional development at University College London, the book … Continue reading

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Still Time To Claim a Plot in the Schaumburg Campus Garden!

Roosevelt’s Schaumburg Campus Community Garden is one of the origin sites for our university’s sustainability movement, and is a thriving hub of gardening innovation and community building. Right now, three 5×5 plots are still available for this year’s growing season. … Continue reading

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Earth Month 2016 Activities at Roosevelt

It’s been decided that Earth Day —a single day dedicated to the importance of preserving our planet and the life it holds– is simply not enough! That’s why the entire month of April has been deemed Earth Month by a … Continue reading

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SUST Program Looks Back at 2015

Today’s post on the SUST at RU Blog, the official voice of Roosevelt’s Sustainability Studies undergraduate program, is a review of 2015’s events, accomplishments, and projects. Several of these had a positive impact on RU’s Schaumburg Campus, including the work … Continue reading

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Planned Renaissance for RU’s Schaumburg Campus

One year after former RU president Chuck Middleton announced program cuts and facility contractions at the university’s Schaumburg Campus (est. 1996), Roosevelt’s new president, Dr. Ali Malekzadeh, articulated bold plans to renew, expand, and reinvigorate the campus and reclaim RU’s place … Continue reading

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Cultivating RU’s Schaumburg Campus: SUST Senior Sarah Tag Recaps Her Summer Internship

During the summer of 2015, several Roosevelt University students majoring in Sustainability Studies have been doing internships or pursuing study abroad opportunities in various locales around the world, from Chicago to Hawaii and from Schaumburg to Scandinavia. We’ve invited them to write up reports from … Continue reading

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