Significant Milestones Reached for the Schaumburg’s Sustainable Future Project

This past fall 2014 semester at Roosevelt University, undergraduate students from two Sustainability Studies classes — SUST 210 Sustainable Future (online) and 240 Waste & Consumption (honors) — contributed over 30 blog posts on news and topical developments in urban/suburban sustainability in the Chicago region, thus continuing the site’s blogging tradition started by students and faculty in 2011. In addition, these classes conducted in-depth research on sustainability efforts and waste-related environmental justice issues in several dozen communities, both locally and across the US. The fruits of this research will be posted in coming weeks to the Community Profiles and Environmental Justice sections of this site, so stay tuned for what will be a significant expansion of the SSF website.

A quick glance at the numbers: to date, the Schaumburg’s Sustainable Future (SSF) project includes 163 blog posts and 100 in-depth essays on a wide range of sustainability issues, problems, and solutions. Much of this content is student-authored, which we believe demonstrates the value of the site as a learning tool and educational resource.

JESS journal coverNow, word of the SSF project is circulating through the channels of professional scholarship on sustainability education. SSF editor and SUST professor/director Mike Bryson has published the article, “Schaumburg’s Sustainable Future: Student Research, Social Media, and the ‘Edge City’ Suburb,” in the Journal of Environmental Studies and Science (12 Dec 2014). The article’s online publication earlier this month anticipates its  print appearance in the journal’s forthcoming special issue on “Integrating and Interdisciplinary Approaches to Sustainable Cities and Regions.” You can access a pdf of the article here.


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