Joliet IL Contracts for 167 Million KW Hours of Clean Energy

This announcement on the City of Joliet IL’s planned use of clean energy is from the 5 Feb 2014 online edition of the Herald-News.

CITYsealbest.cdrJoliet announced a deal Wednesday to use 167 million kilowatt hours of renewable energy in the next three years.

City officials said the purchase of wind power to offset greenhouse gas emissions is the equivalent of taking 25,000 vehicles off the roads.

“This year it turned out that this is cheaper than regular coal-burning power plants,” City Manager Jim Hock said.

Noting that alternative energy suppliers have been subsidized by the federal government, Hock said those power suppliers are “very competitive with the coal and the natural gas powered plants.”

Joliet will purchase the wind power through JustGreen, a subsidiary of Just Energy Group Inc.


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