Environmental Initiatives in Schaumburg: Progress on the Comprehensive Green Action Plan

by Brent Levi for SUST 210

Levi - CGAP logoRecycling is a positive and rapidly growing trend in the United States and Schaumburg is no exception.  There are several recycling options in the community for almost anything an average resident would need to responsibly dispose of.  These recycling services are consonant with Schaumburg’s Comprehensive Green Action Plan (C GAP, available here as a pdf), which was published in 2008 and focuses on renewable energy, water and natural resource conservation, and other environmentally friendly actions.

In 2012, Schaumburg released this progress report on the C GAP, which updates the actions that have taken place in each sector of the plan.  For example, transportation has been improved by the addition of bike lanes, hybrid buses, and an anti-idling protocol.

Schaumburg demonstrates commitment to improving the environment and community.  They have environmental partnerships with WaterSense, ENERGY STAR, and Water Wise.  These partnerships help conserve water and energy and save the residents of Schaumburg money.

In addition to these partnerships, the Village also has events for conservation and recycling.  Among these is the annual recycling event that takes place on Earth Day.  They also perform education and outreach along with awards recognizing community members’ efforts in preserving the environment.  More information on these awards can be found on the Green Corner section if Schaumburg’s website.

Overall Schaumburg is doing an excellent job of making recycling services available to the public.  They are also taking actions to help the environment by encouraging energy and water conservation, and sponsoring a variety of environmental conservation events.  Things are looking up for Schaumburg’s environment.

Each week during the Fall 2013 semester, students in Prof. Mike Bryson’s SUST 210 Sustainable Future online class at Roosevelt University will contribute blog posts on suburban sustainability issues to the Schaumburg’s Sustainable Future website.


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