RU’s Sustainability Initiative Unveils New Green Campus Website

Last week marked the launch of the Roosevelt Sustainability Initiative’s new Green Campus website. Not only does the new content-rich site do an admirable job detailing the university’s recent awards and accomplishments on making its operations and curriculum more sustainable, but also it features a terrific section on learning about sustainability that will be great use as a teaching and public education tool.

Radeck MaryBethThe lion’s share of credit for this website goes to SUST undergrad MaryBeth Radeck, who is an Environmental Sustainability Associate at RU working at the Schaumburg Campus under the leadership of our university’s sustainability guru, Paul Matthews, in Planning and Operations. Radeck is a talented writer, marketer, and researcher who has over two decades of professional experience. She’s currently working on her BPS in Sustainability Studies, is an occasional contributor to the SUST at RU Blog, and on a part-time work-study basis coordinates the Schaumburg Campus’ sustainability initiatives. Last but not least, in her 2nd semester at RU (spring 2011) she was one of the founding student authors of this website, authoring SSF’s initial essay on water resources, “A New American Dream.”

Additional kudos to RU web designer Vickie Bertini, who worked closely with Radeck on the website’s format and development.


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