Going Green Limosine

By Amber Perez for SUST 210*

Chicago has an eco-friendly Limousine service that is called “Going Green Limousine,” which has been featured on ABC News back in August of 2010.  A local couple came up with this service because they lived a very healthy lifestyle and hit a turning point when the wife got cancer. Rebecca Schmuck was a vegetarian health nut who worked out all the time and didn’t understand how she got cancer. She felt like it must have come from somewhere . . . like the environment we live in. Her goal is to decrease the carbon footprint that her company has, while still providing the same service. They use hybrid and flex fuel limos that achieve about 38 mpg on the highway. There is also a filter in the vehicle that helps the engine burn fuel 12.5% more cleanly. Despite this emphasis on fuel efficiency, Going Green Limosine still provide the same limo services that every other company does.

As the owners state, “When we accommodate larger parties with stretch limos and party buses, we donate a percentage of our profits to environmental organizations to offset our carbon footprint.”  One such organization is Chicago Gateway Green, which plants along the highway and neighborhoods of Chicago.  Going Green Limosine’s stated mission is to provide first rate luxury limousine service at affordable prices for you while reducing our carbon footprint for the environment by utilizing mainly hybrid and flex-fuel vehicles for our airport transportation and charter services.

I think this is great service to have! Whenever people need a ride to the airport or have an event they would like to have, it is great to know that there is a green alternative in Chicago. While it is unfortunate that co-founder and -owner Rebecca Schmuck has had to deal with the challenge of cancer, she is making a big difference in reducing the carbon footprint of her limo customers. Luminaries such as Al Gore, Ron Howard, Bobby Kennedy Jr., and other loyal guests choose them because they have made the change to go green and use this environmentally-friendly service.

Submitted 12 Apr 2013

* Each week during the Spring 2013 semester, two to three students in the SUST 210 Sustainable Future online/Schaumburg class at Roosevelt University will contribute blog posts to the Schaumburg’s Sustainable Future website.


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