Schaumburg To Create Area for Private Beekeepers

By Nicole Winter for SUST 210*

Schaumburg, an area that has won many awards in environmental sustainability, will now try to obtain an area for bees, an idea that has been approved by the village board. How will this benefit the village? The answer to this question is simple: the trees, fruits, and flowers of the Village will be pollinated more readily with a vigorous local population of bees.

Winter - Bee and flowerTom Allen, of Rapid City, SD, is a beekeeper who notes that “Bees pollinate 1/3 of the World’s produce.”  As reported in the Rapid City Journal, Allen observes that “Bees, which are responsible for pollinating the plants and trees, are in a serious decline in this country.”  Since the country is experiencing such a drastic decline in bee populations, it is essential to have a beekeeping area in Schaumburg.  Not only to address the overall decline in bees but also to pollinate the local plants and trees in the Schaumburg area.

The bees will do nothing but help the environment in Schaumburg.  There are no negative impacts of a beekeeping area in Schaumburg, but a plethora of positive impacts — particularly the pollination of the fruits and vegetables we eat.  If bees did not facilitate pollination of many staple crops, our society would starve.  Another positive impact of a beekeeping area is once Schaumburg starts the trend, other Chicagoland communities will most likely follow which will result in a larger impact upon the environment as a whole.

If this beekeeping area is approved in Schaumburg it will be yet another environmentally sustainable project Schaumburg has done.  The community should support this and help make this possible to ensure our society continues to produce an abundance of food and to ensure bees do not become extinct.

Submitted 22 Feb 2013

* Each week during the Spring 2013 semester, two to three students in the SUST 210 Sustainable Future online/Schaumburg class at Roosevelt University will contribute blog posts to the Schaumburg’s Sustainable Future website.


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