RU Sustainable Campus Tour on Feb 12

Please join members of Prof. Mike Bryson’s SUST 210 The Sustainable Future class next Tuesday, Feb. 12th, at 5pm as we take a Sustainable Schaumburg Campus walking tour with RU environmental sustainability associate Tom Shelton. We’ll explore the campus inside and out on a walking tour, learn about the recent changes that have taken place, and discuss plans for the future (e.g., an expanded community garden, sustainable landscape design features, the proposed “EcoSpace” courtyard, etc.).

Butterfly garden and Indian marker tree at RU's Schaumburg Campus, June 2012

Butterfly garden and Indian marker tree at RU’s Schaumburg Campus, June 2012

Over the last two years, Roosevelt has put considerable effort into planning the sustainable future for its Schaumburg Campus building and grounds. Energy- and water-saving features have been installed throughout the building and pervious pavers are now in the main courtyard, while outside all kinds of progressive change is afoot. There, acres of turf grass have been replaced by native prairie plants; the retention pond wetland underwent a historic first prescribed burn (in 2011) to discourage invasive plants species and encourage native wetland plant growth; and faculty, staff, and students broke ground last spring on the campus community garden, with plans to expand and improve the site this coming spring season.

Join Mike, Tom, and SUST students for an informative and engaging walking tour of our sustainability work-in-progress, the Schaumburg Campus! You can RSVP at, or just show up at 5pm for the tour.

When/Where:  5-6pm, Schaumburg Campus (meet at the front entrance Information Desk)




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