Drinking Water Innovations at RU’s Schaumburg Campus

RU is introducing the new EZH2O to Go water filter system, which allows students, staff and faculty to use their own personal water containers, while recording  the amount of 16 oz. plastic containers that would not be purchased and thus saved from landfills.  This system reduces consumer spending on plastic water bottles.  The electronic sensor provides touch-less, sanitary and one-handed operation.  The enhanced water filter captures sediment and the mechanical motors in the system drastically reduces energy usage.

Filtered water at RCFree water bottles are being handed out this month to kick-off this new system! Considering the taste-test results at the 2012 World Water Day event last spring at RU, where Lake Michigan water from the campus drinking fountains came out the clear winner over bottled water, there’s no doubt this new system will provide great-tasting drinking water. For right now, the university is starting with a single system, which is located by the Fitness Center. Check it out the next time you’re at the Schaumburg Campus!


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