Food Issues in Schaumburg: SUST 210 Student Research Project

Check out the Food section of this website, which has just been updated with research and writing conducted by several students in Mike Bryson’s SUST 210 The Sustainable Future online class from Spring 2012 at Roosevelt University. Patrisia Ramirez, Justin Kohls, Frank Pascual, and Lonette Sims explore a wide range of food issues relevant to Schaumburg, suburban communities, Chicago, and beyond — including urban farming, brownfield remediation, food waste management and utilization, global food security, and local food production and availability.

Volkening Heritage Farm at Spring Valley Nature Sanctuary in Schaumburg (M. Bryson)

In coming weeks, look for more work by SUST 210 online students on key sustainability topics, including energy, green design, parklands, transportation, and waste & recycling.


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