SUST Majors Celebrate Sustainability at GR2012 in Joliet

RU Sustainability Studies majors Sean Hattan and Stephanie Eisner participated as undergrad ambassadors for Roosevelt’s Sustainability Studies program at the 3rd annual GR2012 Celebrating Sustainability festival at Joliet Junior College on Saturday, 19 May 2012. They joined Professor Mike Bryson at RU’s information table among the many green exhibitors at the festival, and spoke with visitors (including prospective students) about the SUST program and RU’s many sustainability initiatives — from the new 32-story LEED-certified Wabash Building in downtown Chicago, to the 22-acre sustainable landscape redevelopment plan and community garden now underway at the Schaumburg Campus.

L to R: Stephanie and Sean (RU), Tiffany (JJC), Tori (Loyola), and Antonio (JJC) hang out at the GR2012 Festival

One of the highlights of the festival for Stephanie and Sean was taking a walking tour of the prairie, wetland, and lake restoration projects underway at the JJC Campus. The tour was led by JJC biology professor Andy Neill, one of several faculty who are developing ideas for sustainability-themed courses and degree programs at the college — including degree completion options for JJC students planning to transfer to RU. It’s inspiring, too, hearing stories from JJC students Tiffany, Antonio, and Tori (a recent grad who is starting at Loyola this summer) about how they and others are helping drive the college’s efforts to become a more sustainable campus.

Thanks on behalf of the SUST Program to Stephanie and Sean for volunteering their time at GR2012! And for more pictures of the event, check out this online photo album by Prof. Bryson.


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