New Environmental Friendly Roosevelt Addition

by Alexa Ulrich for SUST 210 online

A city rich in modern and postmodern architecture alongside its classics of the 19th and early 20th centuries, Chicago now has an outstanding addition to its downtown skyline: Roosevelt University’s unique vertical campus building located on 425 S. Wabash Avenue.  Roosevelt University has been known for their main downtown campus building being renovated from a hotel, office building, and auditorium, a historic structure dating back to the late 1800s. There has been great nostalgia with the building and how amazing it has been to keep it intact and reusing that original space. With the rise in environmental awareness and more and more organizations adapting sustainable practices into their routine, Roosevelt University has decided to continue that growing revolution.

This new building set to have its grand opening in August of 2012 will incorporate many features of green design. The building will absorb natural light resulting in energy conservation for the building and cutting maintenance costs. This is exciting news for Roosevelt University because we strive to be environmentally sound and social justice-driven. This new building will be one of the few skyscrapers in the city of Chicago that is a leader in energy and environmental design, and will be LEED-silver certified. Our Schaumburg campus, current Chicago campus, and now this new vertical tower will represent “Green Design” beautifully.

The Wabash Building will be 32 stories high with a glass exterior emphasizing its sleek and contemporary look. Students will be able to observe Lake Michigan from their classes and experience an entirely new vibe to their university. The building will feature dining areas, lecture halls, classrooms, recreation, and even housing! What is unique about this building is that it is the second tallest university building in the entire country, setting Roosevelt apart from others.

Submitted 27 April 2012


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