SUST 210 Online Students To Expand the SSF Website

This spring 2012 semester at Roosevelt, Professor Mike Bryson’s SUST 210 Sustainable Future online students will be undertaking a significant expansion of the Schaumburg’s Sustainable Future blog and website. Starting this week, students will be contributing 2-3 blog posts each week until early May — posts that will highlight and analyze sustainability-related news/events in and around Schaumburg.

The capstone class assignment for SUST 210 online is a group-based project that expands the SSF Project’s current scope to cover additional sustainability topics — including energy, food, green design, parklands, transportation, and waste/recycling. Their research and writing this spring will build upon the foundation work done by Bryson’s students in his SUST 210 Sustainable Future class at the Schaumburg Campus in Spring 2011, who created the site for Earth Day 2011; and by his SUST 220 Water class in Fall 2011, who developed the extensive “Water in Schaumburg” section of the website.


About Suburban Sustainability

Founder and editor of the Schaumburg's Sustainability Future social media project (est. Earth Day, 2011)
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