Biking Advocate Bob Pautsch Wins Award for Volunteer Work

This past summer and fall, SUST major Kenton Franklin and SUST professor Mike Bryson represented Roosevelt University on the Village of Schaumburg’s Bike Planning / Active Transportation task force, which met several times under the leadership of the Active Transportation Alliance to review and improve the existing bike trails, signage, and parking facilities throughout Schaumburg. The work of the task force resulted in a Bikeways Improvement Plan, which will be released to the public soon.

In the meantime, one of the key members of that task force, Mr. Bob Pautsch of Schaumburg — an avid cyclist and longtime advocate of biking in the Schaumburg region — has won a major award honoring his volunteer work from the Active Transportation Alliance. As the Daily Herald reports,

Robert Pautsch, the village of Schaumburg’s Bikeways Advisory Committee Chairman since 1999, received the Active Transportation Alliance’s John D’Amborse Award for volunteerism at ATA’s volunteer appreciation party Jan. 18. In addition to his chairmanship of the Bikeways Advisory Committee, ATA recognized Pautsch’s volunteer efforts in expanding knowledge of Schaumburg’s 87-mile bike trail network, coordinating and participating in Bike to Work Week efforts at Motorola and the village of Schaumburg, volunteering at Bike the Drive events in Chicago, and encouraging participation and volunteerism in ATA efforts throughout the region.

Congratulations, Bob! And thank you on behalf of all who ride their bikes in and around Schaumburg.


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