Greyways vs Greenways: Schaumburg’s Sustainable Future

Today at the Lifeways and Greenways forum on Ethics and Sustainability at the Chicago Botanic Garden, Roosevelt University Sustainability Studies majors Mary Beth Radeck and Jessie Crow Mermel present their research, writing, and photography on Schaumburg’s Sustainable Future. Accompanied by RU professor Mike Bryson, Radeck and Mermel will interact with forum attendees during the poster/multimedia sessions at this day-long Janet Meakin Poor Research Symposium co-hosted by the CBG and the Center for Humans and Nature.

As an introduction to the Schaumburg’s Sustainable Future collaborative faculty-student web project, Radeck has composed a slideshow entitled “Greyways vs Greenways” — a riff on the forum theme and an evocation of sustainable landscape practices that could transform living patterns and conserve land, air, and water resources throughout the Chicago region.

The RU posters on display feature maps and images of the campus sustainable landscape redevelopment that got underway in spring of 2011. Photographs are by Sustainability Studies major Kenton Franklin, who will be helping expand the Water section of this website as part of Prof. Bryson’s SUST 220 Water class in the fall of 2011.


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