Schaumburg Green Initiatives and RU Events

A story today by TribLocal reporter Kate Thayer details some exciting green initiatives and events planned soon in Schaumburg.

Schaumburg will try to expand its green efforts this year with several new initiatives, and play host to a conference geared toward business owners.

The village’s “Green Team” – a group of representatives from all village departments – came up with five goals to help further environmental stability.

As part of those goals, the village’s environmental committee will start investigating the possibility of hosting an event where residents can recycle household materials, like paint or fertilizer, which are hazardous and cannot be recycled by typical means, said Martha Dooley, senior landscape planner.

. . .

Another goal for this year involves a partnership with the Citizens Utility Board to host an event at the Schaumburg Township District Central Library, where residents can bring in their utility bills and get suggestions on how to reduce energy.

Dooley said an outreach campaign is also in the works to inform residents of how they can follow their water bills online and track their water usage.

Also highlighted in Thayer’s article is an upcoming green economy conference that will take place on Friday/Saturday, Nov. 4th and 5th, at Roosevelt’s Schaumburg Campus:

. . . Chicago-based Delta Institute will host the newly-created Green Economy Action Roadshow, designed for businesses interested in being green or offering green services, as well as homeowners looking to make their homes more efficient, said Deborah Popely, senior director at Delta.

The conference, Nov. 4 and 5 at Roosevelt University’s Schaumburg campus, will feature speakers, workshops and networking opportunities, she said.

“We’re bringing businesses interested in doing green things…together to learn from each other at the local level,” Popely said.

The conference is expected to draw between 100 and 150 businesses, and between 500 and 1,000 residents, she said.

Although there might be similar events in Chicago, Popely said the institute wanted to bring a suburban opportunity so residents and businesses can see the impact more locally.


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