Sustainable Agriculture at Erewhon Farm

Small-scale farming is alive and well in the western suburbs. Check out this May 14 article from the Daily Herald profiling Tim Fuller of Erehwon Farm, which consists of a five-acre beyond “organic” CWA operation.

Ten years ago, Tim Fuller and Beth Propst bewildered their neighbors by transforming the yard of their home into a mini farm.

What began as a small effort to grow their own food flourished into Erehwon Farm, which provides healthy produce to hundreds of people.

After getting things growing in their yard near St. Charles in 2001, “the neighbors were starting to comment,” said Tim Fuller. “Then (in 2005) we got in with Garfield Farm Museum (at Mongerson Farm). Last year, we got an opportunity to start over at our new location, which we are leasing and helping the owners develop.”

Erehwon Farm is now at 40W248 Hughes Road in Elburn, just west of the Mill Creek subdivision. Two brothers, Hazis and Rakip Azemi, both stonemasons whose father immigrated here from Albania, own this acreage.

“We have about 5 acres, here,” Fuller said. “We have a lot of trees and we’re designing an edible forest garden with apple trees, peach trees, berry bushes, and lots more. We have maple trees (which were tapped this spring, yielding 5 gallons of maple syrup). “On the ground we’re growing asparagus and all sorts of things. We also have an herb culinary garden. And part of our farm is designated for picking by CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) members.”


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