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Blue Island’s Resistance to Annexation by Chicago

This article by WBEZ’s Curious City features Blue Island, a Calumet-area inner suburb on Chicago’s far southern border that many years ago resisted annexation by a then rapidly expanding Chicago. Located at a juncture of several railroads, including the Rock … Continue reading

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Joliet IL Contracts for 167 Million KW Hours of Clean Energy

This announcement on the City of Joliet IL’s planned use of clean energy is from the 5 Feb 2014 online edition of the Herald-News. Joliet announced a deal Wednesday to use 167 million kilowatt hours of renewable energy in the … Continue reading

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Biodiversity Course Preview for Spring 2014 at RU’s Schaumburg Campus

This spring the Sustainability Studies Program at Roosevelt University will offer SUST 330 Biodiversity for at the Schaumburg Campus. Taught by popular Adjunct Professor Maris Cooke in an innovative weekend/hybrid format, the 13-week seminar meets on five Saturdays and utilizes … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolution for RU’s Schaumburg Campus: Composting and Better Recycling

by Mike Bryson, Associate Professor of Humanities and Director of Sustainability Studies Colleges and universities throughout the US are increasingly mindful of reducing solid waste production and increasing recycling/composting rates as part of overall efforts to make their physical campus … Continue reading

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DIVVY Bike Program and Chicago’s Suburbs

by Tom Shelton for SUST 210 By now, most people have heard of DIVVY, unless of course you live under a rock. For those of us who do live under rocks, DIVVY is the new Chicago bike share program which … Continue reading

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Sustainability at Elgin Community College

by Yesenia Lopez for SUST 210 The city of Elgin is a northwest suburb of Chicago, IL, that has been noticed for its recent changes and its efforts in promoting sustainability. The city has drawn up a detailed plan of … Continue reading

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Asian Carp Continue to Threaten Great Lakes Ecosystem

by Jim Lockefeer for SUST 210 It appears that the invasive fish known as Asian carp are making their way to Lake Michigan and the other Great Lakes. According to an article posted on the Daily Herald’s website on November … Continue reading

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Environmental Initiatives in Schaumburg: Progress on the Comprehensive Green Action Plan

by Brent Levi for SUST 210 Recycling is a positive and rapidly growing trend in the United States and Schaumburg is no exception.  There are several recycling options in the community for almost anything an average resident would need to … Continue reading

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Flooding, Pollution, and Rain Gardens

By Travis Dominguez for SUST 240 Upon first hearing of it, we might feel the concept of a garden specifically for rain collection seems a bit odd. However, in recent years, Schaumburg has been making efforts to plant the concept … Continue reading

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Chicago Takes the LEED in Green Design

by Megan Ladewig for SUST 210 When people think of Chicago, they think of huge skyscrapers and enormous office buildings. Large amounts of materials like steel and glass go into making these legendary buildings. Seemingly infinite amounts of energy must … Continue reading

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