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Sharing is Caring: An Ode to Sustaining Our Freshwater Resources

by Lacy Reyna for SUST 240 Freshwater is a key component to life on Earth. Why is it, then, that many individuals continue to use (and waste) this precious resource without any care or thought behind such mindless consumption? Perhaps it … Continue reading

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Composting: We Just Can’t Get Enough of It

by Dusan Koleno for SUST 240 According to the EPA, food waste and yard trimmings make up almost 1/3 of our waste. The vast majority of this waste goes straight to landfills and not to composting facilities. However, there are cities … Continue reading

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Elgin O’Hare Expressway No Longer a “Road to Nowhere”

by Jacqueline Eichele for SUST 210 When I first began using the Elgin O’Hare expressway here in the Chicago region, the road was not heavily congested during rush hour or any other time. I remember noticing over time that new mammals, … Continue reading

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Beekeeping: Making Honey in its Purest Form

by Ardena Doss for SUST 210 Healthy eating has become more then a buzzword. Communities are finding ways to grow organic foods and to service their neighboring communities. Schaumburg is no stranger to being a progressive thinker when it comes to … Continue reading

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Flood Water Mitigation For Park Ridge IL

by Oskar Bednarek for SUST 210 Residents in the Chicago suburbs of Niles and Park Ridge have to contend with super storms and flood waters on what seems like a yearly basis. The flood of 2013 was unprecedented in magnitude, … Continue reading

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Composting Big Time in Beantown: What MA is Doing with Their Leftovers and Other Stories

by Anna McColgan for SUST 240 Massachusetts is a state steeped in history. From sports teams to educational institutions, we pride ourselves largely on our past. Despite this persistent culture of nostalgia, some recent news may be placing Massachusetts closer … Continue reading

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Listen to the Worms! Getting Started with Vermicomposting

by Alyssa Carabez for SUST 240 A Facebook status post from a co-worker inquiring if any friends wanted a “free composting bin complete with worms and soil to get you started” prompted my curiosity. Sarah is a bartender at the … Continue reading

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